MUI X Premium




This is the fulfillment page for MUI X Premium, a plan listed on the pricing page. For context, MUI X provides React components that extend MUI Core (e.g. Material UI). Some of the features are MIT, and some are not. The software that is not MIT but under the Premium plan can be purchased here.

Early bird special!?

Buy now at a reduced price* (~25% off) and get early access to MUI X Premium, with the added opportunity to influence its development. This license gives access to support and updates for one year. The early bird special is available for a limited time, so don’t miss this opportunity!

What’s in the package?

Data grid Premium

Date range picker

Please note: the date pickers are in alpha version.


⚠️ MUI X Premium doesn’t include any design assets, you can find Figma and more under the “Design” section.


Here are a couple of resources that you might be looking for:

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