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5 - 9 $49.00
10+ $39.00


A large UI kit with over 600 handcrafted MUI symbols for Figma.


  • 600+ high-quality symbols – ready to use and customize – kept up-to-date with the React components (MUI Core and MUI X)
  • 1,000+ icons grouped and named consistently with Material Design in 5 themes
  • 100+ customizable color, typography, and elevation styles
  • 50+ frames with component and style guide documentation
  • 1 year of updates
  • Figma variants
  • Auto Layout

No matter what your role, you’ll be more efficient

UI / UX Designers

Save time using this large library of UI components, icons, and styles to deliver your work faster. You can customize the kit however you want to match your product’s brand.

Product managers / Entrepreneurs

Create MVPs efficiently and save hundreds of hours on UI Design. This is a great place to start if your product or brand needs a design system. Equip your team with this library for Figma and build consistent products faster.


Gain autonomy, design a beautiful, consistent, and accessible interface without relying on designers. You can preview how it will look before coding it.
The UI kit was created specifically for MUI, a popular React UI library with a comprehensive set of components. MUI has over 2M+ active users and 70k+ stars on GitHub!

See it in action

The following video provides an overview of the kit:

You can preview all the components, screens, layouts, and styles available in the UI kit on the preview demo.


A comprehensive component inventory for Figma

The UI kit contains all the MUI components with states and variations which gives 1,500+ unique elements. All components are designed with the most up-to-date release.

The elements use Auto Layout which makes them scalable and adjustable. Convenient naming optimized for Figma allows you to quickly find and use the desired component.


Apply your product branding in minutes

The whole Material Design theme is ready to use and customize. The styles depend on shared variables which makes them easily customizable and consistent. The kit includes the whole Material Design color palette. Change font and color styles to match your product branding in minutes.

Everything is documented for developers so you don’t need to worry about creating all states and docs yourself.


Save hundreds of hours

The UI kit was built for MUI and optimized for Figma. Save hundreds of hours and use the MUI React library to bring your products to life.

A large icon library ℹī¸

1,000+ material icons in 5 themes (filled, outlined, rounded, sharp, and two-tone), grouped and named accordingly. You can reuse icons throughout the whole UI Kit in components because everything is connected together.


Built exclusively for Figma

The kit takes full advantage of the features of Figma.

Handcrafted to perfectly match MUI ✨

Avoid surprises. What you design is what you get in production, with high reliability and consistency.


  • The item is brought to life by Devias IO.
  • You can find our public roadmap of what will come next.
  • Don’t hesitate to open new issues if you noticed improvement opportunities.


What long-term support do you offer?

The license is perpetual – once the kit is downloaded, it can be used forever. It’s a one-time payment with no automatic annual subscription. To extend the support and get access to the newest versions for a further 12 months, you need to make a new purchase. We offer a 50% discount for license renewal.

How many licenses do I need?

The number of licenses purchased must correspond to the maximum number of editors working concurrently in a 24 hour period. An editor is somebody contributing changes to the designed screens that use the UI kits. No licenses are required for viewing the designs.

How do I install the kit?

The first step is to extract the archive. This should give you a couple of .fig files. Then, you can follow the Figma help center article to either import it, or add it to your team library.

The UI kit got an update. How do I get it?

We’ll send you an email when a new release is available.
You can access the item on the download page of your store account. You can find a detailed description of the changes under the “Changelog” tab on this page.

I got the latest update of the kit. What should I do with it?

Unfortunately, Figma doesn’t work like an npm package where you can simply update your dependencies to access the latest features. The file is standalone.
Most of the time, we don’t make breaking changes in the updates, but rather we add new content. You can decide whether or not it’s worth the effort to integrate the new content into your existing file.

Figma or Sketch or Adobe XD?

We aim to keep feature parity between the Figma, Sketch, and Adobe XD kits where possible.
We offer a 50% off coupon for past customers who want to switch between two design tools.

Do you offer discounts to educational or non-profit organizations?

Yes, we offer a 50% discount on all products licensed to students, instructors, non-profit, and charity entities. This special discount cannot be combined with any other type of discount.

To qualify for the discount, you need to send us a document clearly indicating that you are a member of the respective institution. An email from your official account which bears your signature is sufficient in most cases.

For more information on how to qualify for this discount, please contact sales.

25 reviews for MUI for Figma

  1. Ahmad Ihsan Zainuddin Georges (verified owner)

    dimension: design-quality

  2. Alexey Kisets (verified owner)

    dimension: feature-availability

    It’s good but some components are missing. For such price I would expect 100% exact replica of MUI with no exeptions.

    • Olivier Tassinari

      Thanks for the feedback. We have added the missing UI states in the v4.12.0 release :).

  3. Kirill Razumovskiy (verified owner)

    dimension: flexibility

    These components are best components on the market. I bought all material-ui Figma packages, and this one is the best one. Big advantage is that when you send this to your developer, for him it’s easier to create the code with MUI.

  4. Paolo Furini (verified owner)

    dimension: customizability

    The design quality is high, but the lack of Auto Layout and Variants makes even small customizations a pain. I currently use auto layout for all my designs, and to use the components in this kit I have to rebuild them from scratch by detaching Container components instances, and adding the various elements inside with auto layout. Please add Auto Layout and Variants support ASAP, because these are unique features that Figma users now expect to find in high quality kits. Thanks

    • Olivier Tassinari

      Thanks for the feedback. We have released v4.13.0 that brings support for Figma variants and improves auto-layout :).

  5. Trenton Triola (verified owner)

    dimension: design-quality

    This is the best $69 I’ve spent on my startup. I wish I had this kit when I first learned Figma. This kit is such a great equalizer for new and upcoming designers. The quality of the kit (v4.13) can’t be overstated: it’s got wonderful organization and the implementation of Variants is well executed. Support is prompt to respond with questions and comments. You won’t regret purchasing this bangin kit.

  6. John Bishop (verified owner)

    dimension: bugs

    Theme works great but some of the icons only show a blank box instead of the vector. I think this is due to a layer ordering issue where the bounding box is above the vector icon itself. Workaround is to turn off the bounding box, but all the icons should work plug and play. Only reason I dropped it from 5 to 4. Otherwise this has sped my designs up incredibly well and I am overall very satisfied with the library.

    • Olivier Tassinari

      Thanks for the feedback. We have taken care of the issue in v4.14.0.

  7. Sana Kamal (verified owner)

    dimension: documentation-quality

    Some of the Material colours are not updated with their code, for ex: A700, A400, A200, A100. Instead they were all replaced with 900 which got a little confusing. We had to go back to the website to cross check and then manually corrrect the Figma file. Overall, it’s really good and convenient. Please keep on updating it as seen fit.

    • Olivier Tassinari

      Thanks for the feedback. We fixed it in the v5.0.0 release.

  8. corinne holmes (verified owner)

    dimension: design-quality

    Colour libraries were not set up for most of the colour options available.

    • Olivier Tassinari

      Do you have more details on this pain?

  9. ketil keiseraas (verified owner)

    dimension: feature-availability

    No xgrid components wich was the reson that we bought Material-UI for Figma. The rest of the component you can find in other free Material UI kit for Figma

    • Olivier Tassinari

      Thanks for the feedback. The latest version of the kit v5.0.0 now includes the components of MUI X, alongside the ones of MUI Core.

  10. yijie.zhou (verified owner)

    dimension: feature-availability

    Will we have charts components soon?

  11. Mark Thomassen (verified owner)

    dimension: feature-availability

    Really great to have this kit… but it could have ALL the same components that live in the MUI component library and more examples using all the components. Drawers, snackbar, etc. The ANT Figma kit is deeper than this one. Please look at the templates that you can buy that use MUI and replicate all those controls and examples in this MUI Figma kit.

  12. Nicolai Hemdrip (verified owner)

    dimension: other

    I bought it large because, I needed the datatables & tables. So, I was a bit dissapoinet that it was not so ellaborate in terms of features and reponsive. Like the prints, filter features are all missing.

    Otherwise, seems like a good purchase.

  13. Gary Duke (verified owner)

    dimension: customer-support

    The kit could use more clarity in the intended best method of using its components in Figma. Know that the Figma kit assumes expert-level in-depth knowledge and experience–something it perhaps should not do.

    Customer support is responsive and excellent. A couple of the responses I got included concise .mov files on using grids/tables and creating more drawers. It’s nice to have this official MUI library and a high level of support. I am overall happy with the investment and looking forward to seeing this product improve.

  14. stephane.bachelier (verified owner)

    dimension: design-quality

    I’ve not tested everything in the UI kit so far but I can already see the benefits for me. I’ve been able to design the screens for a new project and it’s been really powerful. Now I’m ready to move to the implementation so I’ll able to see if this UI kit will help me to speed the implementation phase in a react project.

  15. Diamond Alexander (verified owner)

    dimension: customizability

    As a designer, I am really struggling with the theme. It would be great to provide more documentation on how the figma files differs from the MUI docs, and how to customize it. (I could see a really cool Figma plugin for this!)

    For example, the ways colors are set up do not reflect the default theme for Material UI, especially in terms of opacaity. I want my design file to reflect things like hover or disabled state- do I need to go calculate 8% of my main color? How is this different from the tonal palettes (values 50-900) and light, dark and main versions of the primary color?

    Also, the interactive components have really messed up some of my prototypes. It would be great to have an option without the interactions built in. I cannot seem to get rid of them, even when I turn it off in the main file. They interactions follow me to prototypes when used in a library. This causes my prototypes to break because the component interaction overrides the interaction of the instance.

    Overall, I would expect a more thoughtfully designed file for designers that helps bridge the gap between dev and design when using MUI.

    • Olivier Tassinari

      Thanks for the feedback, we will see how we can incorporate it in the next release. A couple of notes

      > It would be great to have an option without the interactions built-in.

      It seems to be an issue with Figma, see

      > do I need to go calculate 8% of my main color? How is this different from the tonal palettes (values 50-900) and light, dark and main versions of the primary color?

      You should be able to find the answer on Figma’s documentation.

  16. Lior Krolewicz (verified owner)

    dimension: customer-support

    This kit is the perfect balance of being for a designer and a developer – so its amazing to bridge that gap. Being a novice, I had many questions, most were answered by Adrian’s YouTube videos… I reached out to their support when struggled and couldnt find the answer, then Adrian responded with a recorded video of step-byste instructions of EXACTLY how to solve the problem. Amazing kit, outstanding custmer support! THANK YOU!

  17. Ariel Odiz (verified owner)

    dimension: design-quality

    Great resource. Awesome tool to have a seamless design to development handoff. Can’t wait for the update using Figma’s new component properties, that’ll be a game changer.

  18. frontend.hal24k (verified owner)

    dimension: design-quality

    It’s really saved me a lot of time wireframing thanks to all the variety of components

  19. Umar Bacchus (verified owner)

    dimension: design-quality

  20. (verified owner)

    dimension: feature-availability

    This is a very good template. Really great!!!

    I was having a very hard time creating a screen mock up of the MUI.
    Specifically, I was struggling with the following
    1. the sample source code is provided in the official MUI (React) documentation, but it is long and complex in any of the components, so the mock becomes a complex structure (even if it is just a storyboard!).
    2. without sx props or styled components, it is not possible to place components in the intended position (e.g. changing the margin of the Menu in the combination of App bar and Menu).

    By using this template, I can create mocks very easily and quickly. Thank you so much.

    This may not be the kind of thing I would write here, but…
    Regarding the samples in the official MUI documentation, it would be nice to have samples that are organized by page, which is often the case, in addition to the component-by-component ones.
    (e.g., an example using only MUI.)
    For example
    – App bar + Drawer + Accordion + Table
    (Maybe this is already in Showcase…)

  21. Teemu Kumpulainen (verified owner)

    dimension: design-quality

    A great idea and a good start, but unfortunately there’s too many inconsistencies to the actual MUI to be really useful. E.g. many color definitions in components are incorrect (as compared to MUI defaults). And the components are created in Figma in a bit old-fashioned way (rectangles as backgrounds, etc), so customizing is not as easy as it could be. Curious to see where this is going!

    • Olivier Tassinari

      Thanks for the feedback. If you could report these specific problem instances in GitHub issues or by email at it would awesome! We want to fix them 🙂

  22. Kyril Shadrin (verified owner)

    dimension: design-quality

    Useful as a reference but pretty hard to customize anything as some components are done in a weird and old-fashioned way.

    • Olivier Tassinari

      Thanks for the feedback. If you could report these specific problem instances in GitHub issues or by email at it would awesome! We want to fix them 🙂

  23. Ilies Cristian (verified owner)

    dimension: design-quality

    High quality library, makes designing so much faster. You just need to learn a bit how to use it efficiently at the beginning.

  24. Yitong Zhao (verified owner)

    dimension: other

    hope its a great tool!

  25. Raphael Hyde (verified owner)

    dimension: design-quality

    So far the library is very comprehensive although I think the library should have been broken into seprate sections so it could be indexed better. The icon groups are good but uploading took almost an entire day.

    • Greg Abaoag

      Thank you for the feedback. It would be awesome If you could report these specific problem instances in GitHub issues or by sending us an email at! We want to fix them 🙂

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