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A professional React Kit that comes with plenty of ready-to-use Material UI components that will help you to build faster & beautiful frontend pages. Each component is fully customizable, responsive, and easy to integrate.

theFront landing page examples can be used out of the box, but since they’re built on flexible components, you can also create new pages all your own with ease. Copy-paste a section here, a component there, switch up a few variables, and you have an entirely new landing!

Includes Create React App & Next.js version

📦 Package Standard Plus Extended
JavaScript CRA
JavaScript Next.js
TypeScript CRA ⛔️
TypeScript Next.js ⛔️
Design Figma file ⛔️
⚡️ License
Use in a free end product
Use in an end product that is “sold” (one or multiple paying End Users) ⛔️ ⛔️

Built with

  • React v18
  • Material UI v5
  • Create React App v5
  • Next.js v13
  • TypeScript (available on Standard Plus and Extended Licenses)
  • Figma (available on Standard Plus and Extended Licenses)


  • 100% React hooks
  • Formik & YUP form validations
  • ESLint & Prettier
  • Next.js and Gatsby.js full integration
  • More than 65+ pages
  • 300+ component reusable compositions
  • create-react-app & react-scripts support
  • Next.js and server-side rendering support
  • Gatsby.js and server-side rendering support
  • Typescript sources
  • Dark mode support
  • Image lazy loading support
  • Animated sections on scroll
  • Parallax effect
  • Count up number animations
  • Image carousel
  • Fully responsive
  • Figma design files (available in Standard Plus & Extended licenses)
  • Free customer support
  • Free updates

Learn more

Quick start

  • Install dependencies & start the dev. server: yarn install && yarn start
  • Build on production: yarn build

Free updates for 1 year and support for 6 months

No matter how well-documented and built something is, sometimes you just need a little help! That’s why we make ourselves available to help you anytime, just contact our support at email. We’re also planning tons of updates! In addition to keeping theFront up to date with Material UI and any necessary patches, we’ll be adding new features regularly over the coming months!

Additional information

License Type

Standard License, Standard Plus, Extended License

54 reviews for theFront – Multipurpose Template + UI Kit

  1. Edward Legaspi (verified owner)

    dimension: customer-support

    The team has quickly come to my rescue when I was having an issue with dependency updates in less than 12 hours. Their technical support is really good. It comes with a well crafted documentation too. The theme is well structured and is easy to understand definitely worth the buy.

  2. Gene Fernando (verified owner)

    dimension: design-quality

    This a great theme: modern, very intuitive to use and customize, and lots of sample pages and even full websites. I like the minimalist approach to dependencies and requirements. This makes it easy to upload to cloud platforms like Google or AWS. I tried it on AWS Amplify and it built smoothly and without a hitch. Excellent support as well. I had an installation question and they got to me quickly with instructions. As a new React and Material-UI user, this support is worth its weight in gold ! Buy it… You’ll love it !!

  3. Peter James (verified owner)

    dimension: design-quality

    This theme is open, clean, attractive and very flexible. Almost the components you may need are here – and where they are not you have a clear design structure to add more with Material-UI. Without doubt, the best React/Materia-UI theme on the market today. Support is outstanding.

  4. Nick Friedman (verified owner)

    dimension: code-quality

    Fantastic UI kit. Very flexible. Perfect use of Material UI.

  5. Karthik Divi (verified owner)

    dimension: feature-availability

    Loved the theme, have tons of components to build any kind of app. Please consider dark theme in coming versions.

  6. krzysztof.pier27 (verified owner)

    dimension: flexibility

    i like it very much, easy to understand and use!!!

  7. Gal Lev (verified owner)

    dimension: code-quality

    Neat & stylish. time & efforts saver.

  8. Ashfaq Nisar (verified owner)

    dimension: customer-support

    One of the best themes available online and great support from the team, Kudos to gevorg for helping me out!

  9. Chris Reynolds (verified owner)

    dimension: code-quality

    Exactly what i needed. Clean and organized code base with excellent UI design.

  10. yaniv nizry (verified owner)

    dimension: design-quality

    Great job Gevorg, You really did a teriffic job . It’s amazing how many accomplishments are in one UI Kit . It has almost everything you need to create any type of site out there. Worth every cent.

  11. Rachel Christensen (verified owner)

    dimension: customer-support

    The Maccarian Agency customer support is the best support I’ve ever worked with across template creators and other online resources. They’re even more reliable than some of my own co-workers! They’re very quick to respond and treat every question or problem you have as if it’s their own. They’re a pleasure to work with and I’ll prioritize tempaltes from them next time I’m in the market for one.

  12. Rachel Christensen (verified owner)

    dimension: code-quality

    This template has BEAUTIFUL code. It consistently uses best practices and uses Mateiral UI and other packages the way they should be used. In addition to making my life a lot easier, they’ve also helped me learn a thing or two about how to code better in React.

  13. Rachel Christensen (verified owner)

    dimension: design-quality

    This is a beautifully designed template set. Each page is elegant and simple without being cold and uninviting. They seem to have thought of every page that you might want. Even if they don’t have a specific page you need, it’s easy to piece one together with bits and pieces of the other ones. This has saved me so much time and elevated my client’s website.

  14. Michael (verified owner)

    dimension: code-quality

    Fantastic kit, 10/10! As a college student studying computer science, this kit has taught me how to code in React on a professional level.

  15. Tien Phan (verified owner)

    dimension: code-quality

    This is one of the best purchases I have EVER made. Beautiful, dynamic code with media considerations and the proper project structure you could envision. The documentation is so clear & helpful and has taught me so much in terms of how to think the ‘React way’. Then on top of that, the customer service is fantastic. Detailed responses that also teach me stuff not included in this purchase! Gevorg and his team are top notch, cannot understate my happiness with this purchase.

  16. danishyasin33 (verified owner)

    dimension: design-quality

    This multipurpose template helped shave out numerous hours from our development process by providing ready made responsive components. I am very satisfied with the quality of the product and will consider using it in the future.

  17. tom avant (verified owner)

    dimension: code-quality

    This saved my team a ton of time. Well built and organized.

  18. Daniel Still (verified owner)

    dimension: code-quality

    The code is structured incredibly well, and the design is clean and easy to work with. Typescript would be the icing on the cake, but otherwise it is perfect!

  19. gkranasinghe (verified owner)

    dimension: code-quality

    Absolutely loved it . This product truly deserves 10 out of 10 and I’m grateful for the developers who built this for saving me tons of time 
    Specially grateful for the quality of the code .very well done

  20. mpazaryna (verified owner)

    dimension: code-quality

    I’ve been working with the product, building out a new site. I’m so very, very happy with the quality of the code and the use of best practices. I’ve been able to modify existing components and make updates that are required for my use case with absolute ease. I’ve only started to explore the Figma components, but having them available is a big deal for us and we will utilize them more in upcoming development efforts. I’ve personally learned a great deal by studying and exploring this kit. This has been well worth the effort and I’m very satisfied.

  21. Deepak Kapiswe (verified owner)

    dimension: customer-support

    Best Customer Support I have ever got, Just awesome product. I bought template bundle from another agency but only because of their customer support behaviour I returned and turned to this product. It was one of the best decisions I have taken becasue This team supported me a lot and always available for any querries and they provide really helpful answers. Definitely I’ll look for more products from this company.

  22. marampilly.sarath (verified owner)

    dimension: customer-support

    Code quality is excellent, and customer support is really helpful.
    Totally satisfied.

  23. P H (verified owner)

    dimension: code-quality

    This feedback is both reg code quality and customer support. Everytime I have emailed (and it is only a handful times because the code is so well documented and organized!) the reply comes in a few minutes and directly addresses what I was looking for – no running around – direct-to-the-point responses. is a developer’s dream!

  24. Tien Phan (verified owner)

    dimension: customizability

    These guys still amaze me. Updates with real impactful changes, smarter code structure every revision. The codebase is nearing Saas template quality. One thing I suggest is a best practice example on how to make your own custom atom/molecule/organism component in storybook? Just a thought…ThANKS!

  25. Fakabbir Amin (verified owner)

    dimension: design-quality

    In case you are starting a business or launching any product in the market, Using the availbale pages you can quickly get started in a day with your website(some coding experience also required). The desgin quality is polished very well, it looks very professional.

  26. Fakabbir Amin (verified owner)

    dimension: code-quality

    I really love the coding practice and the modularity of the code, more than a quick starting point, its more of a learning experience for me.???.

  27. francismasha96 (verified owner)

    dimension: customizability

    The code is easy to understand and to work on. And has enough examples to check on and I’ve had a great experience altogether.

  28. Elvis Agah (verified owner)

    dimension: design-quality

    I’m really impressed and satisfied with this product. It ims a perfect fit for what we wanted. It would be great to add out of the box integration with contentful and other CMS. Great job.

  29. Maximiliano Malvido (verified owner)

    dimension: code-quality

    Epic, Easy to setup, easy to understand, easy to customize. The architecture it’s relly simple and understandable.

  30. Michał Stopa (verified owner)

    dimension: other

    First class templates. These guys know what they’re doing: great code quality, clear naming conventions and clear code structure. Plain awesome and a pleasure to work with.

  31. Recep Subasoglu (verified owner)

    dimension: design-quality

    Very nice und multipurpose

  32. Claudio Jara (verified owner)

    dimension: flexibility

    Me hizo la pega terrible fácil ;D

  33. Adam Cox (verified owner)

    dimension: other

    Great template and components. The only downside I would say is the Gatsby version is not implemented using Gatsby features, such as Links and Images. That being said, it is not difficult to migrate them.

  34. jaune.loke (verified owner)

    dimension: code-quality

  35. Ulrik Uriel Magana Gomez (verified owner)

    dimension: customizability

    Top notch documentation, it made customizing the template for my business really easy, specially to me as a begginer

  36. WILFRED KIGENYI (verified owner)

    dimension: customizability

    It great piece of work.

  37. Guillaume Rousseau (verified owner)

    dimension: customizability

    Very good approach, I really appreciate the next.js ready to use part. I am pluging it with dato CMS, and hosting on vercel. A kind of perfect combo !!!

  38. Anjali Anjali (verified owner)

    dimension: customizability

    Buying this theme is my best decision. The code is so easy to understand and the documentation is great as well. The customer support is really quick and always helpful!

  39. Tamer Temizer (verified owner)

    dimension: customer-support

    It is the best theme in the market no question. Code quality and documentation is amazing. They follow the latest tech trends including next.js. They have a page for nearly everything. I would love to see a product description page in the future, that would be great for e-commerce sites. Customer support is fantastic as well, I got an answer for my question in 5 minutes. Definitely recommended.

  40. Nicholas Maietta (verified owner)

    dimension: customer-support

    We’re always looking for better tooling, best practices and better strategies for building great websites. Like a mechanic who never works on their own cars, our website is, well, lacking the attention it deserves. We’re very picky about the technologies we use here at PremoWeb. That’s why we chose to adopt Maccarian Agency’s MUI theme framework to build out our new website at and look forward to showing it off soon! Also, the email support is fantastic. Highly recommened.

  41. Rafael Zanetti (verified owner)

    dimension: code-quality

    Clear and easily customizable code. I found its reusability also great for building custom pages

  42. Illya Pelykh (verified owner)

    dimension: customer-support

    Incredible solution! Easy to understand, use and customize, and adheres to the best practices. Furthermore, the author is extremely helpful and has impeccable response times! I am very satisfied and would definitely recommend this author!

  43. Shohei Yamasaki (verified owner)

    dimension: design-quality

    Hi I’m Shohei who is an entrepreneur and started NFT review service “nft review” (

    We used “theFront” as the base of our design and we customized it.

    “theFront” covers almost all parts that we needed, the coverage is perfect!
    And of course, the design is sophisticated and easy to use.

    Thanks to theFront, we launched the service quickly with nice design.
    Thank you so much for providing such a nice design tempalte.

    It’s super recommended!!

  44. Christopher Vouga (verified owner)

    dimension: customer-support

    Great customer service. Responses very quickly and professionally.

  45. David Casuto (verified owner)

    dimension: design-quality

    Gevorg, the owner of the Front has been great. Love the components available, very high quality, nicely designed and lots of them. And he has been very responsive to all of our silly questions. Highly recommend!

  46. Dryhurst Digital (verified owner)

    dimension: code-quality

    Beautifully engineered file structure and code. Very well put together. Customer service is fantastic. Just about the perfect ui kit.

  47. William Isber (verified owner)

    dimension: customer-support

    Greate and Fast support

  48. raphaelbridi (verified owner)

    dimension: code-quality

    I am in general satisfied with the product but I feel the typescript code could have been written with stronger type checking. The author have a basic understanding of typescript and wrote the minimum to support that.

  49. Radu Popovici (verified owner)

    dimension: code-quality

    Very good code organization, a template wriiten by some folks that know React very well.

  50. Anica Smiljkovic (verified owner)

    dimension: flexibility

    This is an exceptional frontend template that truly stands out in the market. It supports both GatsbyJS and NextJS, making it highly versatile and adaptable to a wide range of projects. The interface is user-friendly, making it easy to navigate and customize to your specific needs. I was particularly impressed with the speed and efficiency of the template, which contributed to an overall seamless user experience. The documentation provided is clear, comprehensive, and easy to understand. I would highly recommend The Front to anyone looking for a reliable, high-quality frontend template. 5 stars!

  51. Anica Smiljkovic (verified owner)

    dimension: customizability

    This is an exceptional frontend template that truly stands out in the market. It supports both GatsbyJS and NextJS, making it highly versatile and adaptable to a wide range of projects. The interface is user-friendly, making it easy to navigate and customize to your specific needs. I was particularly impressed with the speed and efficiency of the template, which contributed to an overall seamless user experience. The documentation provided is clear, comprehensive, and easy to understand. I would highly recommend The Front to anyone looking for a reliable, high-quality frontend template. 5 stars!

  52. organicdatasolutions (verified owner)

    dimension: flexibility

    Absolutely amazing. It’s everything you would need in a professional website template. Every feature you can think of is here and you can customise it easily. Of course you need some basic knowledge of JS and React but even 1 out of 10 knowledge is sufficient to make changes you want. Fantastic.

  53. Max CORBEAU (verified owner)

    dimension: customizability

    For me it’s the best of all themes. It might not seem like the most advanced theme at first sight, but everything is very well organized and much easier to customize than other themes which showcase a lot more such as Minimal, but turn out to be a total pain to work with. To me ultimately what matters is how fast I can get the job done, and by far I get things done much faster with this one than the n1 ranked theme Minimal.

  54. Marcel Xander (verified owner)

    dimension: customer-support

    The code is very structured. I had difficulties at the beginning to use it for a new project. However, I got full support from the team and now I am completely satisfied.
    Remember who buys cheap, buys twice here you have decent contact for all issues and a good base with many components to set up.

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