Tokyo – React Admin Dashboard UI Kit (Next.js & CRA)

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Next.js & Create-React-App

Tokyo Admin Dashboard comes with 4 separate variants included:

  1. Next.js TypeScript – View live preview
  2. Next.js JavaScript – View live preview
  3. React CRA (Create-React-App) TypeScript – View live preview
  4. React CRA (Create-React-App) JavaScript – View live preview

TypeScript versions included only in Standard Plus and Extended License

Key features

  • Built with Material UI v5.8.2
  • Next.js full integration
  • React Scripts (create-react-app tools)
  • JavaScript versions included in all pricing plans
  • TypeScript versions included in Standard Plus and Extended License
  • Multiple layout templates
  • 17 niche dashboard pages
  • 6 applications demos
  • 7 layout blueprints
  • 7 management sections
  • 6 dark/light color schemes
  • 500+ React components
  • Right-To-Left Support
  • Fully Translation Ready Texts
  • Formik & YUP form validations
  • React Hooks, Context, Redux Toolkit
  • Backend-ready mocked API calls
  • Multiple Auth methods included (JWT Web Tokens, Firebase, Amplify, Auth0)
  • 96+ Google Lighthouse performance, best practices, and SEO scores across all app pages
  • Perfectly responsive. Browse the live preview and resize any page
  • PWA Optimised

Design files

All pages from the live preview demo we’ve set up have design source files available.

Preview Design for Figma

⚠️  Figma & Sketch design source files included in Standard Plus and Extended License

Support tickets

If you need help you can open a support ticket by sending an email to

Try the free version

We recently released as open-source a free version of Tokyo React Admin Dashboard with a minimal set of components. You can view a live demo here.

Download it here.

Additional information

License Type

Standard License, Standard Plus, Extended License

14 reviews for Tokyo – React Admin Dashboard UI Kit (Next.js & CRA)

  1. Hasiniaina Andriatomponiony (verified owner)

    dimension: code-quality

    Great template with a lot of component librairies ready to use. With many start points of many use cases. Written with all the best practices code base with a good flexibility and quality as well. Love the design!
    Good team support!

  2. Wendy Pawsey (verified owner)

    dimension: code-quality

    Fantastic template with clean code and good documentation, excellent and quick support! highly recommended!

  3. dansoftwares24 (verified owner)

    dimension: code-quality

    Best admin template out there. Excellent design, lots of components with a clean code. Most of all I love how they give you freedom to customize it however you want, I have tried other templates but they are apps to be modified but this one It’s the perfect option for quick customization. I also want to thank them for the incredibly quick customer support. I hope you keep it up!!

  4. Martin Isaksson (verified owner)

    dimension: feature-availability

    Superb template, that not only offers dashboard stuff but also alot of extra features.
    Good use of hooks and very nice customization options.
    I also like that both a react and a next version is being delivered. Its a nice touch.

    I hope it keeps delivering these nice features in the future.

  5. Kelvin Tangbei (verified owner)

    dimension: design-quality

    Please can you do a Blazor WASM version of it

  6. Justin Nguyen (verified owner)

    dimension: design-quality

  7. Justin Nguyen (verified owner)

    dimension: design-quality

    Nice design, please make full component on figma resources

  8. Khaled Bhar (verified owner)

    dimension: customizability

    Too complex to customize or to use, not responsive and not mobile friendly

  9. Joe Kim (verified owner)

    dimension: design-quality

    Nice design, please make full component on Figma resources with Tokyo 3.0.0

  10. clayton_jms (verified owner)

    dimension: design-quality

  11. Tayfun ÇAKIR (verified owner)

    dimension: flexibility

    It is a very nice work, but it is very annoying to use popovers in the entire area of ​​the site instead of dropdown.

  12. Sumantra Mukherjee (verified owner)

    dimension: documentation-quality

    Very poor documentation. In-fact you won’t find any documentation link in the description page. Only in the live preview you will find a documentation link at the bottom of the sidebar, which again is good for nothing. If you want to go ahead with this template just be your own and go ahead with all your guess, skill and prior experiences.

  13. Robert Liou (verified owner)

    dimension: customer-support

    Impressive breadth of material is what attracted me to this template. However, I had two separate questions that I emailed to the author on two separate occasions. Both times, no responses. Looks like they have given up on supporting this template? One issue also has to do with the fact that dependencies have not been updated in over a year (i.e. React 18 is not supported). Do they plan to update the template to support it ? No idea, but given the radio silence, looks unlikely. I’d give a higher rating if they actually responded to my questions, but since they haven’t (it’s been a month now), I would not recommend buying this template.

  14. Andrei Tudos (verified owner)

    dimension: code-quality

    Really nice design. There is a full range of layouts and components that you can use for you app. One thing that consumed me lots of time – to fix a ton of ESLint errors, many types are wrong or just missing, some libraries were throwing errors due to incopatibility or missing dependencies, etc.

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