Devias Kit – React Admin Dashboard




Devias Kit is a free React dashboard built with Material UI components and Next.js App Router


  • Next.js v14.1 App Router version
  • Custom Auth
  • Forms built with React Hook Form
  • Schemas validated with Zod
  • Charts built with ApexCharts
  • Phosphor icons


Quick start

  • Clone the repo: git clone
  • Make sure your Node.js and npm versions are up to date
  • Install dependencies: npm installor yarn
  • Start the server: npm run startor yarn start
  • Open browser: http://localhost:3000
πŸ“¦Product Devias Kit Free Devias Kit Pro
Design Files βœ… βœ…
Next.js Version βœ… βœ…
Vite Version ⛔️ βœ…
External Auth Integrations ⛔️ βœ…
Dark Mode Support ⛔️ βœ…
Complete User Flows ⛔️ βœ…
Premium Technical Support ⛔️ βœ…

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